“Our Work is Your Work.”

We believe that your employment, and ability to earn an income, is paramount to your constitutional rights. All Americans should enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. West Virginia Lawyer D. Adrian Hoosier, II has nearly 20 years of experience in litigation working primality with vehicle /semi accidents, mining deaths, explosions, railroad accidents causing death or amputation, industrial accidents, and all other matters concerning your job.

Attorney Hoosier has provided lawsuit settlements in roughly 99.6% of all cases taken including wage violations, late pay day claims (know as Wage, Payment and Collection Act violations), unemployment matters, retaliation, pregnant worker retaliation or discrimination (pregnancy related disabilities/absence), false reporting claims, whistleblower claims, grievance broad challenges, patient safety act violations, FMLA claims, disability discrimination, workers comp discrimination (Workman’s Compensation Discrimination), negligent hiring, emotional distress, and hundreds of hostile work environment lawsuits. We have battled with multiple billion dollar corporations such as Pfizer, Nationwide Insurance, Erie Insurance, Epic Games (Fortnight), Johnson & Johnson, Suddenlink, and dozens of coal mines and hospitals.

Our clients include teachers, nurses, medical professionals, coal miners, construction workers, truck drivers, laborers, government employees, retail workers, linemen, lumberjacks, restaurant employees, industrial workers, chemical workers and any other individual trying to earn a living.

We are a law firm open now. Find out how much money your case is worth. You can directly text 304-767-9482 – 24 Hours a Day, Seven days a week – for a response guaranteed within 8 hours. 100% confidentially guaranteed, we will NEVER report your inquiry to your employer without your permission.

There is no fee, ever, until we recover for you. You get paid before anyone gets paid, in writing. You will NEVER be asked to pay our law firm any amount, and we put it in writing. We offer pro bono legal services and free services to those who qualify.

Our Law Firm provides a free will to any teacher, nurse, coal miner, linemen, industrial worker, or any member of any union.

Hoosier Law Firm, PLLC

Practice Areas

Wrongful Death, Major Personal Injuries, Dog Bites

Employment Law
Retaliation – Complaints about Safety or Waste
Sexual Harassment – all forms
Wage & Hour – failure to get paid on time or paid for PTO/Vacation
Overtime Violation
Wrongful Termination


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