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Dee Rodgers
Dee Rodgers
03:38 26 Jan 22
Did not have a clue what I was getting into fighting a legal battle. Adrian make it not only comfortable, but also easy to understand. Was available all hours to answer questions, explain the reasons for the strategy and dozens of others.RUN! do not walk to this firm! Easy choice, felt super comfortable and totally in control. Honest start to finish! 10 stars!
Shawn Hall
Shawn Hall
04:46 22 Dec 21
The attorney answered my phone call. Extremely knowledgeable and listened to my issue thoroughly. Spent over 30 minutes talking to me and giving me advice. I would recommend him every time.
Julie Bowe
Julie Bowe
10:41 08 Dec 21
Good guy , does a great job, I highly recommend him and he helped me recover my losses and damage I suffered, I was at peace at the end of the day and felt justice was served for my wrongful termination
Erika Buchanan
Erika Buchanan
01:55 16 Nov 21
I would never choose to use this law firm because Adrian Hoosier doesn't know how to behave in public and thinks it is ok to be rude to and talk down to food service workers. He thinks his time is more valuable and important than anyone else's and doesnt think he should have to wait his turn when he can see a whole lobby full of people waiting and the workers going as fast as they can. Even after he is apologized to he would rather cuss us and storm out. I can't in good conscience support a person like this.
Tianna Preson
Tianna Preson
12:34 31 Aug 21
Amazing! Couldn't get other lawyers to call me back. Friend referred Adrian - THANK GOD! While he was out working the week I called he allowed me to send text messages of my documents to a secured number which saved so much time since I did not have access to a scanner or printer.He did what he said he would do, I was honestly shocked. We got our documents together and resolved the case in only a few months. I was able to pay off credit cards, take a vacation for the first time in years with my kids and so much more! You will not be making a mistake calling Adrian first! 100 stars!!!!
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Client Testimonials

Ryan Navarro, Wrongful Termination

When I was forced to leave a very good paying job I contacted Hoosier Law Firm, PLLC. Not knowing what to expect, and positive I would be speaking with a non-attorney (as I did when I called nearly a dozen other law firms) I as shocked when Adrian called me back within 90 seconds of my initial call.

From the first phone call with Adrian I felt comfortable, informed and positive about my situation. Adrian told me it would be a battle, and he was right. Adrian, however, made it easy to understand. I was in a world where I didn’t know the language: litigation, discovery, depositions, Motion to Dismiss, Summary Judgment, constructive termination, Human Rights Act, Patient Safety Act, etc. What is that??? I had no clue.

Thankfully Adrian was there to explain everything. And I had A LOT of questions. In fact, Adrian even handed me is personal cell phone to field questions late at night and on weekends when I was free. I can’t even explain what a luxury it was to know I had access to my lawyer after 5pm Monday – Friday. I never felt rushed to get off the phone or like I was asking a stupid question, and I’m sure I did.

I absolutely recommend Adrian and his firm because he is dedicated, professional, honest and most importantly – very accessible. There is absolutely no way I could have gone against a huge corporation on my own. There is likewise, no way I could have been compensated for my damages alone. I have 100% confidence in Adrian and his abilities and would recommend him to anyone.

Rose Pruitt, Wrongful Death (Workplace Accident)

I lost my world when my husband was electrocuted and killed nearly 400 miles away from home. He was not only my world but the sole income earner in our family. I was, and remain, devastated. I needed to grieve and not deal with lawyers. This is where Adrian came in.

He answered my call on a Saturday when I expected to get an answering machine. He talked to me for over an hour, and mentioned nothing about money, or fees, or expenses. He wanted to know about me. He wanted to know about my husband. He wanted to know about our family and our little home. I felt immediately at ease with Adrian.

Adrian’s interest was with me and my wellbeing. He listened when I explained that it wasn’t about money to me; but ensuring that other workers would not face the same fate has my husband – which was very important to me. He wanted to know how I was doing and what he could do to help me. Even offering to run out to the grocery store for me while knowing I was 6+ hours away. And he would have done it. He would have done it because every single thing he told me was true. The good. The bad. And the ugly.

Within in a few days of my call Adrian drove over 6 hours to meet with me. Again, there was no mention of recover, or money, or costs. He came to check on me as he promised he would.

Shortly after Adrian’s visit my late husband’s company called me wanted me to sign forms and accept checks. I simply was in no condition to deal with the constant calls and demands. I called Adrian. Again, I got through to him in less than 15 seconds. He assured me he would deal with the commotion so that I could address the loss. Again, he was correct. I never heard from the company again, no calls, no letters, nothing.

Adrian called often to check in. Not to hammer me with questions. He hired an awesome team of experts, lawyers and other professionals just as he promised. He and his team were an absolute joy and worked long and hard for me. They absolutely did everything they promised, and more. I told them I couldn’t do trial. I couldn’t relive this tragedy. They ensured that wouldn’t happen.

I would still make Adrian my first call for legal matters even though I’m not in the State of West Virginia. Adrian and his team are trustworthy, informative, knowledgeable, and honestly care about the individual, not the money. Which I found really impossible to believe. Adrian and his team gave me a new perspective on the legal industry and lawyers in general.

Most impressive was Adrian’s dedication to my situation and accessibility. I had been cautioned by many people that lawyers never call back. That I will get a paralegal, not an attorney. Adrian is the exact opposite. He gave me his personal cell phone number and invited me to text or call anytime.