Employment Claims

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Are you a member of a protected class based on any of the following – select one or more:
Do you feel you were retaliated against for complaints about one or more of the following (select all that apply):
Have you been paid all wages due timely (Yes or No)
Do you feel you were paid less than others in the same position (yes or no)
Were you sexually harassed (Yes or No)
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How were you harmed
Have you filed a claim for unemployment benefits (yes/no)
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Have you filed a claim with EEOC or any Human Rights Comission (yes/no)
Did you get benifits (yes/no)
Has the job situation caused any repossession, eviction, or loss of services (yes/no)
Have your received medical attention related to anxiety, depression, stress, or other impairment related to your employment situation (yes/no)